Calling All Doctor Who Fans!

Doctor Who Funko Pops Are Here!

Hottopic stores now have Exclusive Pre-release Doctor Who Funko Pops.  I bought the tenth doctor and he is very nicely detailed.  He wears a blue suit with a long tan colored trench coat with red and white sneakers. Both the suit and coat have sculpted buttons going down the front and pockets on each side of the coat. (Now everyone knows the doctor goes nowhere without his sonic screwdriver!) The doctor who funko holds his sonic screwdriver in his right hand. I love the tenth doctors hair! His hair style looks just like David Tennant’s hair in the show!

My Doctor who Funko Pop cost about $14.00


Thank you for taking time to read my toy review and I hope everyone has a good day!

– Christy’s Critiques

Collect All (Ten) Doctor Who Funko Pops!

  1. Twelfth Doctor
  2. Eleventh Doctor
  3. Tenth Doctor
  4. Fourth Doctor
  5. Dalek
  6. Cyberman
  7. Adipose
  8. Weeping Angel
  9. Tardis (6 inches tall)
  10. Tenth Doctor (3D glasses) I have only seen on and is not shown on back of box like the other 9 funko are.

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