Ginger Breadhouse

I love this Ginger Breadhouse doll! Ginger is just as cute as the Ever After High cartoon makes her to be. Her dress, jacket, leggings, shoes and glasses are just like the cartoon. Ginger’s headband has a yellow cupcake with pink frosting to match her lovely pink hair, (this doll does have some differences compared to the cartoon version!) In the cartoon Ginger Breadhouse has a pink necklace and the doll as a sky blue, also in the cartoon Ginger has ring and bracelet and the doll does (NOT) have them, even through some of the pictures have her shown with them on! Ginger does come with a very nicely detailed Cauldron purse, hairbrush, doll stand and a storybook bookmark!

I love Ever After High and enjoyed the book Hansel and Gretel as a kid, so when the doll came out it was a (MUST HAVE ASAP!) 🙂
I only wish that I had a Helga and Gus Crumb doll to go with my Ginger Breadhouse!!!!! 🙂
If your child loves Ever After High Dolls or just loves the book Hansel and Gretel I would highly recommend getting this doll!

This is a review I did on! (Cost $21.99) and bought on, could not find in a store.


Thank you for taking time to read my toy review and I hope everyone has a good day!

– Christy’s Critiques


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