Disney Bing Bong Plush



I bought this plush from the Disney Store for ($19.99)

I love the Bing Bong from the movie Inside Out! He is so cute, colorful, soft and has the mouth watering smell of cotton candy. I put Bing Bong in my room and shut the door came back in my room a half hour late, my whole room smelled like cotton candy. This toy looks the most like Bing Bong from the movie in my opinion. The only thing I do not like is Bing Bong is wearing a white shirt collar around his neck and in the movie he does not.

His outfit remains me of a hobo or something a clown would wear. His brown plaid coat with patches is nicely made. Bing bong’s hat could be sewn on his head a little better, it might come off with rough play. I love his boutonniere on his coat, so many colors. In the movie Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary friend. He has the tail of a cat, trunk of an elephant, makes squeak sounds like a dolphin and has the body made of yummy pink cotton candy. This is the way he is described in movie. Bing Bong has yellow and orange striped feet and I don’t know what animal his feet are from, they don’t say in the movie. I wish they did, because the feet look similar to Sesame Street Big Birds feet. His tail does not look like a cat tail to me but, a raccoon tail. I don’t suggest putting Bing Bong in the washing machine the cotton candy smell might come off and his boutonniere will most likely not look the same afterwards.

This toy is good for anyone who loves the movie Inside Out. Bing Bong is about 17 inches tall.


Thank you for taking time to read my toy review and I hope everyone has a good day!

– Christy’s Critiques

2 thoughts on “Disney Bing Bong Plush

  1. I’m dying to watch this film, I haven’t had chance yet but just finished my last shift at work and on 2 weeks holiday!!! I’m sure I can find the time now 🙂 great post x

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