Funko Pop Wish List

I just love Funko Pop Vinyls so, I made a wish list of Movies and television shows I would really really love to see made into a funko Pop! Please (Like) if you see one you like to be made and maybe one day we might see some Funko Pop’s made. I HOPE!!! 😀

Television Shows

  1. Columbo – Peter Falk
  2. Stargate SG1
  3. Scorpion
  4. Numb3rs
  5. Blacklist
  6. Rainbow Brite
  7. Classic Care Bears
  8. iZombie
  9.  21 jump street -1987
  10. Highlander
  11.  All Dogs Go To Heaven


  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – 1971
  2. A Troll in Central Park – Stanley the Troll
  3.  The NeverEnding Story
  4. The Last Unicorn -1982
  5. Labyrinth – 1986
  6. The Fantastic Adventures of Unico
  7. American Tail
  8. The Dark Crystal

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