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Shopkins Shoppies

Shopkins Popette Shoppies Doll

Shopkins now have cute little dolls . I got this doll at Target for ($14.99).

Her name is Popette and she is one of five Shopkins Shoppies. The doll has a popcorn theme and comes with two exclusive shopkins Polly Popcorn and Bowl-Inda Popcorn, one fashion bag, one brush, one VIP card and one doll stand. Popette is six inches tall.

I love her hair with her popcorn kernel headband, it’s nicely detailed! Her headband is sewn into her head and her hair has a stiff spongy like texture to it. Popette’s blue lace popcorn kernel corset does not come off, however her skirt has elastic and can come off. I love hear shoes!! What you don’t see in the pictures is the heels of her shoes are little popcorn buckets. Popette’s shoes can also come off and is very easy to put back on. It is safe to say everything will stay in place when your kids are enjoying play time with her!

The doll stand is a clear small flat disc with a peg and the Shopkins logo on it. The doll has a small hole in her left shoe so she can be placed on stand. Popette can stand on the doll stand with on problem.

The only two things I do not like about this doll is her hairbrush and purse. The hairbrush you can’t really use, because her hair is stiff and it would get tangled in all her lovely little curls. Who would want to mess up that cute little up do? Her purse is a all red and made to look like a bag of popcorn. I wish they added a bit more color to it then just having it be all red. The purse would go better with her outfit if it did. None the less they both make nice shopkins and your kids can give them names because I don’t think they come with one.

Thank you for taking time to read my toy review and I hope everyone has a good day!

– Christy’s Critiques