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Wee Waterbabies

Wee Waterbabies by Playmates Toys

I found this toy at Walmart for ($8.97). Good for playing in the pool or the bath tub just before bed time comes.  Every waterbaby is already filled with water when you buy it at the store. There is on way to empty the water from the doll!

Your child can choose from a human or a mermaid baby. Every human baby comes with a removable fabric diaper and the mermaid babies has a different color tail. I would suggest taking off the diaper before going in the water. The diaper has an elastic band in back, that may rot over time in the water. No need to worry about the mermaid babies they live in the water. I like the human babaies best, because you could put doll clothes on them if you wanted. Each of the waterbabies has a hat that does not come off and is 6.5 to 7.5 inches tall. The dolls head can turn from side to side and has a soft rubber body.

On the back of the box is picture of each baby with their name underneath. I bought the waterbaby named Wee Bubbles. On his head he has a bunch of bubbles with a yellow rubber ducky. His daiper is sky blue with a pink bow.


Thank you for taking time to read my toy review and I hope everyone has a good day!

– Christy’s Critiques

Collect all twelve Wee Waterbabies

  • Wee Bubbles
  • Wee Penguin
  • Wee Froggie
  • Wee Captain
  • Wee Swimmer
  • Wee Matey
  • Wee Hopper
  • Wee Sunflower
  • Wee Diver
  • Wee Splash (Mermaid)
  • Wee Sea Princess (Mermaid)
  • Wee Mermaid (Mermaid)