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The Zelfs

Troll dolls are back! Best way I know how to describe The Zelf’s.

The Zelf’s are like new versions of the classic 1960’s-1990’s troll dolls. Zelfs have the same type crazy colorful hair style as troll dolls do. I think that zelf’s have a kinder and more appealing face then troll dolls. Some of the troll’s had jewel’s on their stomachs “supposedly” to bring you good fortune and grant wishes. Zelfs have cute little designs and special powers that go with their own unique personality and style. As far as I know you can find a nice cartoon show about them on only. This toy is manufactured by Moose Toys.

Zelf’s come in at least three different sizes small,medium and large. The small are called Lil Zelfs, if you or your kid’s like blind box’s then Lil Zelf’s are for you! The joy of mystery and surprise awaits you. Lil Zelf’s are also a pencil topper.

The medium are just called Zelfs. Each Medium Zelfs has their own mini biography. Children will enjoy reading about their zelf, as imagination take’s them away to play in the Zelf land called “Zardenia”. The only sad thing about this doll is some have a better paint job then others. Each new series that comes out has a rare or limited edition zelf. Anyone who has found one is extremely lucky and blessed to have found them!

The large are called Super Zelf’s. Each one is about 5 inches tall minus the hair. I have seen them online, not in stores. Some boxes say glow in the dark, glitter-tastic, pearly. I hope to find the one called So-anne, so I can do a toy review for you soon!

The only place I have been able to find zelf toy’s is at Toysrus stores and online! My Zelf came from the store and cost about $10.00.

I have one Zelf Chocolaa the chocolate scented Zelf. she is medium size with articulated head, arms, legs and can stand on her own. Chocolaa as candy theme with a wonderful smell of chocolate. She come’s with sweet little  Chocolate fountain that she can stand on top of. Great for adult collector to display or kid’s to just have fun and play! She has chocolate dripping down her forehead and all over her feet. She must have been hard at work making candy! When her hair is a mess you can brush it with her small hair comb. Don’t let your zelf have a bad hair day, Love Your Zelf!




Thank you all for taking the time to read my review and i hope everyone has a good day!

-Christy’s Critiques