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When things are going bad and times are harder then hard, what can you do?

I turn my frown upside down and now I have a smile. I look towards the sun and thank God for the beautiful day he has given me. You never know if today will be your last day, give thanks to your loved ones around you!

This month has been a hard one I lost a friend and both of my sisters are unwell at the same time. Everyone is doing okay now, so I hope next month will be a better one.

Nice to Meet You Everyone! This Is My First Blog!


Welcome everyone to Christy’s Toy Critiques!

A place for for both adult’s and kid’s to enjoy! My blog will be about reviewing toys. Ever After High dolls, Funko Pops, Zelfs, American Girl mini dolls, hello kitty and more. Every few days I will write a review about a new toy I found at the store or online. A place to learn about a toy your thinking of purchasing for yourself or your child!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my first blog and my toy reviews are coming soon!

I’m new to having a blog! I may not have my blog page completely set up yet!

– Christy’s Critiques